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We Understand Your Concerns

Staying competitive gets more complicated every day.

Marketing is good, but conventional means don't seem to cut it anymore.

Advertising feels like smoke and mirrors, which can't be relied on to consistently bring in business.

You're either swamped with customers or starving for more.

Big corporations are coming onto your turf.

But It Doesn't Have To Be That Way

How much easier would your job be if customers came to you when you were ready for them?  What if you could do everything the bigger shops are doing, and do it better than they do it and within your budget?

Just imagine...

Staying competitive gets simpler everyday

Your marketing is great, and you're confident it's working

You completely understand how your advertising dollars are working for you

You can precisely control how much business you're getting

The big corporations have to stay out of your way

Great support that doesn't leave you hanging

And while you're imagining that, what if you had an advertising team AND a marketing team AND a website team AND a software team that can do things you haven't even thought of yet?

AND what if they all worked together to serve, support, help, and work for you?

Providing services like...

We Are AutoApp

We’ve worked with body shops all over Northeast Ohio, and we were shocked by how much shop managers struggle with marketing firms and web designers and even mobile app builders.

That’s why we started AutoApp to help you squeeze every drop out of your marketing budget, without worry, stress, or frustration.

When you work with AutoApp you get the benefit of an experienced team that can provide a wide range of services, all tailor-made for your business, on your budget.

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