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Market Everyday To Customers Actively Searching For Your Services

Targeted online advertisements is the most effective form of marketing in terms of both cost and results. It also provides you with data that shows you exactly how effective your marketing efforts are and where you can improve.

Targeted Ad Features

Targeted Ads are able to do much more than most people are aware of. The goal of a targeted ad is to appear to someone who is ready to purchase a service, actively searching for it, in the right location, and present them with the proper content to entice them to visit a website and proceed to purchase the service.


Ads appear in front of people that are searching for your services or have been to your competitor's websites.


Ads appear only to people within a certain distance of your location so you're not wasting money on people you can't service.


If you have a particular demographic of people that you find more profitable and would like to target we can do that too.

Pay Per Click

With PPC we ensure that your ads are result driven, so you'll get thousands of people that see your ads but only pay for the people that actually click them.

Competitive Placement

We make sure that your ads are placed alongside or above your competitor's, or even where they haven't thought to place ads yet.

Result Driven

Our marketing experts are transparent with you through the entire process and work hard to make sure that the results achieved are the results that you're looking for.

Be Seen Across The Web

With targeted online ads there's no limit to where we can advertise on the web. We use a sophisticated AI and experienced marketers to make sure your ads are placed effectively.

Also, you only pay when people click on them!

Search Ads

Your ad appears in the search results on Google depending on the keywords people use in their searches. So you get shown to the right people at the right time.

Display Ads

We track the hottest customer leads and show them ads wherever they may be across the web.

Video Ads

Any videos related to the auto body services you provide we can show your ads to the viewers.

App Ads

Promote your app by advertising it across the web and even on other apps!

Staying On A Budget Has Never Been Easier

We will work with you to find a suitable budget that is effective and within your price range. Once set, you'll never spend more than that!

So you can rest easy without any surprises.

Sample Of Online Marketing Features

Online Marketing is much more than just targeted ads. We are seasoned online marketing experts on the cutting edge of marketing technology. The services we can provide our clients grow constantly. Here's a sample of the popular features we can provide.

AI Optimization
SEO Assistance
Increased Web Traffic
Data Analytics
App Promotion
Increased Customer Attraction
Goal Tracking
Competition Tracking
Dedicated Marketing Expert

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